Shri Jagadamba Vinkar Shikshan Sanstha Achalpur's

Jagadamba Mahavidyalaya Achalpur City

Dist Amravati Maharashtra 444806,

Affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University Amravati

Listed under u/s 2(f) and 12 (B)
Re-accredited by NAAC with B grade ( 2.42 CGPA )

Tahsil Rd, Mahirabpura, Achalpur, MS 444806
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Discipline & Code of Conduct of the College

  1. Students shall be abided by the rules and regulations of the college and they shall be answerable for their misconduct on college premises as well as outside the college. Students shall be liable for punishment/ expulsion from the college for disobedience and breach of rules.

  2. Students are expected to be polite with the sense of etiquettes and manners in dealing with the teaching, non-teaching staff and fellow students of the college.

  3. Students should carefully handle books, furniture, fans, laboratory equipments and other fixtures. Any damage caused to the asset, will be recovered from the concerned students or as common fine.

  4. Only important instructions will be given in the class room and other information will be displayed on the notice board.

  5. College information can’t be made an object of publicity without the permission of Principal.

  6. Regarding unsolved Students’ issues at the college level, students may contact the President and other members of the Management Committee only through the Principal. If the rule is breached, it shall amount to punishment/ expulsion from the college.

  7. Students having less than 75% attendance (theory, practical and tutorial) shall not be allowed to appear for university examination.

  8. Students having inadequate attendance as per the rules of NSS, NCC and games & sports, shall be expelled from that activity.

  9. The Principal has power to expel any student from the college on the following grounds:

    • Fail to deposit the dues.

    • Continuous absence from the class for more than a week.

    • Misbehavior of the students in the opinion of the Principal.

    • Violation of rules and discipline.

  10. Students are prohibited from wandering in the verandah while classes are going on. Leisure periods are supposed to be utilized in the reading room of the library.

  11. No one is allowed to snap photographs on the college premises without the prior permission of the Principal.

  12. No student should write anything or paste wallpapers on the walls on the college premises, furniture ;if anyone found doing so, will be punished.

  13. Students are not allowed to collect any fund without the permission of the Principal.

  14. Students are prohibited from forming any organization or union or organizing any programme in the college without the permission of the Principal.

  15. No outsider can be invited to participate in any function organized by students without the permission of the Principal.

  16. Students are not allowed to organize and participate in any educational tour, except arranged by the college under curriculum.

  17. Smoking, chewing of Tobacco, Pan and Gutaka is strictly prohibited on the college campus.

  18. Use of mobiles on college premises is strictly prohibited. If the use is necessary, the mobiles should be kept on silent mode.

  19. College will convene Guardians’ Meeting from time to time for which Parents/ Guardians presence is essential.

  20. Any change in the residential address and mobile number be communicated to the office immediately.

  21. The college has arranged for the prompt delivery of Identity Cards at the time of admission. Students should always keep Identity Card with them. Students without identity Card will neither be allowed to attend the classes nor will their official work be responded. If Identity Card is lost, duplicate Identity Card will be issued on the payment of Rs. 30/-

  22. The decision of the Principal in the matter of admission, administration, discipline and instruction mentioned in the prospectus shall be final and binding for the students.

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