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Affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University Amravati

Listed under u/s 2(f) and 12 (B)
Re-accredited by NAAC with B grade ( 2.42 CGPA )

Tahsil Rd, Mahirabpura, Achalpur, MS 444806
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The maintenance policy of the Institution is as under-

Physical Facilities:

  1. The maintenance and repair work of Buildings are undertaken as and when required. Services are hired as per requirement.

  2. The maintenance of the Botanical Garden is looked after by the Head of the Department, staff member and students to whom the responsibility is assigned.

  3. Cleanliness of the campus, classrooms, laboratories, library and other support facilities is looked after by the non teaching staff. The cleaning work of campus, classrooms, laboratories, library and other support facilities are done daily in the morning before the regular classes begin. The NSS unit of the Institution also takes up cleanliness drive on the college campus. Administration monitors the maintenance and cleanliness of all the buildings.

  4. Administration and Hostel Committee take care of the maintenance of the facilities provided in the Hostel.

  5. The annual servicing of the generator is done at year end.

  6. The major repair work of the furniture is undertaken during summer vacation. The services of the carpenter are also sought as and when needed. The electrician is on call. The repair work is undertaken as and when needed. The services of plumbers, electricians, and computer analysts are available round the clock in the campus.

Laboratory Equipments & Other:

  1. The Head of the departments, faculty members & laboratory staff are given responsibility to maintain the equipments in their respective laboratories. They are trained in proper handling of these instruments.

  2. At the end of every academic session, the equipments in the laboratories are thoroughly checked by the staff and make ready for the use in the next academic session. The HODs prepare a detailed purchase and maintenance list of the equipment required for the Laboratories.

  3. Observation register is kept in the office. Staffs are required to note down any breakages, damages or maintenance work in observation register. Administration check the same on daily basis and maintenance work is undertaken accordingly.

  4. Whenever the repair is required, the Heads of Departments report to the administration and office makes the necessary arrangements. All the repairs are identified by the departments and conveyed to the office through HODs. The external expertise is sought by the office for maintenance of equipment wherever necessary.

  5. The respective departments maintain Stock registers and log books and record the details of the maintenance in it for the proper maintenance of the equipments.

  6. The repair work is undertaken as and when needed. The parts are repaired or replaced as the case may be.

  7. The instructions for the safe handling of equipments are displayed for students and visitors to the laboratory.

  8. The obsolete items are discarded by following the due procedure and seeking permission of the authority. Committees are formed for stock checking of laboratories, office, Games & Sports, NSS, NCC and Music department.

  9. The maintenance also includes replacement of worn out assets. The due procedure is followed and the new items are procured as per requirement placed by the concerned departments

Hardware & Software Related:

  1. The maintenance of the institutional website is taken care of by the firm to which the yearly contract is allotted.

  2. The maintenance of Xerox machines, printers, scanners, internet connectivity, digital boards, projectors, computer hardware and software is looked after by the vendor from whom they are purchased. They are available on call. Their services are sought as and when required.

  3. Required software installation, antivirus and up gradation is undertaken at regular intervals.

  4. The services of the technicians are sought for the repair and servicing of water coolers, fridges, ACs, CCTV Cameras, Air Coolers, water tanks and water taps. The servicing work is undertaken at regular intervals.

Library and Physical Education:

  1. The maintenance of the library holdings is looked after by the Librarian and the library staff. The pest control work is undertaken. The Book racks are cleaned and dusting work is undertaken during vacations. The write off is done as and when required. The maintenance of the Reading Room is taken care by the Staff.

  2. Proper pest management is done to minimize the problems caused by insects. Borax or common salt is used to prevent cockroaches. DDT or gammaxine powder is applied to ward off the threat of termites or white ants. Proper cleaning and exposure to sunlight to the documents are done to reduce the effect of insects in the library.

  3. The Fire extinguishers have been installed in library and Chemistry department. They are maintained by the respective departments and the services of the vendor are also sought for maintenance.

  4. Sports equipments are supervised and maintained by the Director of Physical Education. The list of the items to be required is submitted by Director of Physical Education to the office at the beginning of the Academic session. The damaged items are discarded by following established practices.

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